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Laser Engraving, Cutting and Marking.

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. manufactures computer controlled laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking systems. Universal Laser, widely recognized as the leader in their industry, has continuously created many innovative improvements to their products over the years. The only manufacturer of the complete system, including the Laser itself, has allowed them to be awarded over 25 US patents. There are over 30,000 Universal Lasers sold since 1997, over 90% of which are still in active use today!. Universal’s success is due to many years of making the longest-lasting, lowest maintenance, & best supported systems in the world.

The many benefits of adding Laser Engraving & Cutting to your business include:

  • The ability to cut mark and fabricate a huge variety of substrates – more than any printer, plotter, or router combined.
  • Super simple operation – no special training required. As easy as a regular printer.
  • Super High-quality results – professional results with no special skills needed – even on the first try!
  • Small footprint, clean & quiet – Does not require a dedicated area. Can be used in an office environment.
  • Very little to no handling required for producing ready-to-sell items.
  • Significantly broaden your product offering to new & existing customers. Provides a competitive edge and a new profit center for your business with a minimum space, labor, and financial commitment

Works with all windows based graphics programs CorelDrRAW!, Illustrator, AutoCAD, FlexiSign, Omega, and more!:

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